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    Holiday must have!

    This spray was fantastic. So lovely to have while holidaying with a group. I had everyone asking for it after only the first day 🙂

    Travel with confidence!

    I keep one in my bag for when ever I am out. It's not just good for your smells, other people's too! Makes it more pleasant to use airport toilets etc.
    after trying out the Starter Pack I bought the household version and my partner loves it!

    Best ever secret weapon

    The pre-poo travel pack is a life changer. No more potentially embarrassing poo stops with lingering smells when out and about At home, I find it so helpful having NON pre-poo spray in the family bathroom. It makes life on the nostrils so much more pleasant.

    Bathroom Saver

    We have been using this product for years and highly recommend. No trying to spray after the event in our household.

    Poo time

    5-6 quick sprays before you sit,
    Makes toilet time a hit.
    No more wafting toilet time,
    This product is definitely with the dime.

    Hi Jacqui
    Just popping in here to tell you your product/s are fabulous.. a real talking point as well. Hubby thought the smell was nice and didn't read the instructions as he went merrily throughout the house with it. Apart from that, very happy with the pre poo toilet spray. Thank you for such quick action getting them to us.

    Thank you so much for your glowing review, Marj! I have a friend who's been spraying it in her car, so perhaps a room/car spray should be the next product in developement. :)

    It’s the best!

    Really does the trick. Customer service also really good. Only suggestion is bigger bottles for the home to avoid having the cost of so much plastic. Will be buying again. Thanks!

    Thanks for the review and the feedback, Kathrine! We're always keen to hear from our customers on ways we can improve. All our bottles are 100% PCR (post consumer recycled plastic). Yes, still plastic, but not virgin plastic, and as an added bonus, all our packaging is manufcatured in Australia.

    Amazing product, Does Exactly what is promised

    We’ve been using NON for a few weeks now . Happy to say it definitely works as advertised and the smell is extremely pleasant , not overpowering like the usual supermarket synthetic canned sprays that actually give me a headache.
    We’ve even used it in our caravan and I’m happy to report excellent results there as well . Will be re purchasing the larger refill bottle now . Thank you

    Pre poo spray

    I love this product. It exceeded my expectations ! I also love the travel size spray.

    Nice smelling product

    It's actually genius 🙌

    It works!!! The kids love using it and sharing a bathroom with guests is no longer awkward

    Not sure why I didn't buy it sooner, thanks NON team 😁

    Nice smells in the bathroom

    Loving this product.

    pre poo toilet spray travel pack
    Karena Wynn-Moylan
    Perfect for IBS sufferers!

    If you can be taken short at any time by bowel movements when you are out of your home this spray helps ease embarrassment. It is also useful in public toilets, both before and after you close the cubicle door! Definitely a permanent fixture inmy handbag from now on .

    Smelly bathrooms are a thing of the past

    I was skeptical at first that this product would work but I thought I would try it. As a married Mum of three boys, poo time can be a smelly business in our household. I am glad to report that it is now safe to use the bathroom after a number two without needing a gas mask. I love this wonderful product with its subtle scent as normal air fresheners can be over powering. I highly recommend it! *****

    NON Toilet spray

    Fantastic ! Perfect for those cruises when you need NO PONG in the cabin toilets.

    Gr8 product ❤️

    Brilliant stuff!

    Does what it says on the tin. Great light fragrance, & it works, it really works 👍

    Love the pre poo

    This is a fabulous product. It really does hide those smells. I will definitely be getting more when this bottle gets low.

    Love this product. Convient, both scents are lovely .

    Convenient and does what it says

    My favourite part of this product is the really convenient packaging. Fantastic travel size, and easy to slip into your pocket at work too!
    The smell is pleasant, and it’s easy to use.
    My only complaint is the tube tends to dribble a bit when you pump it, but it’s nothing dramatic at all.

    Really nice perfume - does what it’s supposed to do.

    Works well

    Definitely works well. Will buy again and can recommend.

    Great product and service!

    Lovely pleasant smell and does exactly what it says it does! No more embarrassment when using the bathroom shared with other housemates :D A small issue with the order was resolved quickly which was very much appreciated - thank you.

    Great customer service

    Great product and great customer service!

    Great product

    This is a game changer for me, fantastic product and the size is perfect for your bag or pocket, will definitely be buying more