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    Excellent product

    Have just ordered refills during the Black Friday sale - taking advantage of the discounts!!
    Strongly recommend this excellent product,
    It works!!!

    amazed by this product

    this is the answer to all your toilet smells! this works amazingly and smells just beautiful. so happy with this product and will be recommending to people i know.

    Discreet and effective

    What a great product. Very very impressed. I'm definitely going to purchase again.

    Yes it really does work!!

    I will definitely be a regular buying of these products. I have both scents of the sprays plus the purse size - both are excellent. I would like to see a card instruction (to place on the toilet cistern for users to read) for each bottle purchased not just one card per order.

    Amazing, Adele! Thanks for the feedback re the card instruction to place on top of the toilet. I like that idea. :)

    It really works

    The product I love. I’m taking it on holidays. I will be buying more product when I return. The product really neutralised the poo smell!

    Non prepoo travel pack

    Love the discreet size of these - can easily fit one in the smallest of bags ( or your jeans pocket ) just in case you need it when you are out . And the funnel to refill them ! Brilliant concept !!

    New essential travel item

    So happy with quality of product. Very effective and smell is divine.

    Pooh Pong Free

    A marvellous, high quality effective product. Love not having to rely on so called air fresheners which really only confused the air fragrance into a stinky cocktail of sorts!

    Great Scent, Terrible Spray Bottle

    The scent is brilliant and it works perfectly. The spray bottle however, is terrible. It worked for approximately 5 uses and then got stuck/didn’t spray properly from then on. I’m considering purchasing a functional spray bottle from elsewhere to decant into so that I can have both function and a wonderfully smelling bathroom.

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks so much for your review.
    Apologies for the failed spray.
    I know how frustrating it can be to receive a product only to have it not work.
    Once we knew we had a dodgy batch of nozzles, we removed them from circulation and contacted our customers via email and asked them to let us know if their nozzle failed so we could replace it.
    I understand that not everyone would have seen this email.
    I will have replacements sent today.
    Again, apologies.

    Passed with flying colours

    Just received my Non and have to confirm it’s up to the job having used it on a practice run before holiday with mate! Peace of mind - priceless! Sharing a room with non-family member can be stressful but not now. Everything’s smelling of roses or lemon Myrtle & blood orange to be precise! What a great idea!!

    lemon myrtle & blood orange / 250ml REFILL / pre poo toilet spray

    pre poo toilet spray travel pack

    Works well

    Great stuff .I have brought a few to leave at the kids houses

    I don’t have my product. With failed attempts with Non and the delivery company multiple times to change the listed delivery suburb, I have effectively wasted my time and money

    Hi Sarah,
    It's disappointing that you've chosen to give us a 1 star review especially after we emailed back and forth this week trying to resolve your delivery issue. Which was a result of you entering the wrong address not because of any error at our end. As told to you in one of the many emails, we are more than happy to resend your order for the cost of shipping. So essentially your mistake would only have cost you an additional shipping fee. Sometimes it's best to own your mistakes and cut your losses....

    Awesome product!

    Frequent trips to the toilet due to IBS. Absolutely no smells left behind. It has given me confidence using the loos outside of the home.

    pre poo toilet spray / Starter Pack / lemon myrtle & blood orange

    Terrific product

    I always have the NON spray with me in case I need to use a public loo and it works really well without leaving an overpowering artificial scent. I also take it on holidays and again it is particularly good if you are in accommodation with a shared bathroom. You can use the loo without embarrassment.

    Excellent results

    Unlike other pre poo sprays - Non is not just a mask. 10/10 from our family of stinky bums!!

    Loving NON Products!

    I have made sure I ordered a refill for my spray bottles because I never want to be without NON!
    I also have the small size for your pocket or bag!
    Everyone needs this product! It’s FANTASTIC!!
    🤜🤛 😊🫢🙏

    Best ever!!

    I LOVE this spray. The smell is amazing! Leaves the bathroom fresh everytime.
    I won't go anywhere without my travel spray now! It really works!

    WE love that YOU love our spray!

    Shopping centre worker impressed!

    Working in a public centre makes going to the loo ‘exposing’ when the need for #2’s arrives. The spray has given me great comfort and I’m sites for others too. Tried with and without…no turning back now!

    Pre poo toilet spray

    Love it and really works. Will be odrdering some more soon!!

    Found it works really well

    We’re Converted

    This is the best toilet spray ever! We will never use another spray again. Nothing compares to how good this product is.

    Great product

    Fully converted to this product now!