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Customer Reviews

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Very happy

I ordered a few bottles recently as I was hosting a house party for around 30 people.
I wanted to ensure everyone was comfortable and the spray worked a treat! Very nice smell and is powerful too. Would definitely buy it again. The ordering and delivery was pain-point free and super speedy too!

Great product

This is a good solution to an awkward problem!

Starter Pack / pre poo toilet spray / desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus

Spray away

This product is so so effective, no nasty odours after using the loo!

Love, love, love this spray. Works like a charm. I tend to only use 2-3 sprays, not the recommended 5-6, and it still does the job beautifully. I’ll definitely be buying more.

Thank you Sue! Yes, many people use less - and sometimes more than our recommended amount. :)

Smells great & does what it says (mostly)

The Lemon Myrtle/Blood Orange scent smells wonderful and refreshing, just like I imagined it would. I love the concept of spraying before I poo, because all I have to do after is flush, wash my hands, and get outta there. My only issue is that I'm often constipated (thank you, Multiple Sclerosis!), which means that I usually have to sit on the pot for quite a while before I have any success. In some instances, I find that I have to spray again afterwards to get the bathroom smelling great. I don't think I can allow NON to bear the full blame on that count, but even still, I couldn't leave an honest review without mentioning it. That being said, I also can't finish without talking about Jacqui's superb customer focus and service. I had emailed her with a question after placing my first order, and her reply was so helpful, compassionate, and punctuated with unabashed and non-judgemental humour. She is outstanding on the customer service front and sets a benchmark for Australian small businesses. I wish this review had the functionality to add half a star, because I'd happily promote it to 4.5 stars for that reason alone! But there's another plus: I love that the mini travel sprays are housed in glass vials, not plastic! It's not thin glass either; the little pen-shaped bottles feel sturdy, not fragile. I feel confident carrying it in my bag without breaking so I can have a "stink-free departure" wherever I am. And wow, that gorgeous little iddy-biddy tiny mini funnel is perfect for refilling the mini sprays. All in all, applause for a sensationally scented eco-friendly product made and sold by a lovely lady. I can't wait to see what comes next from this business.

Oh Gita, thank you for your wonderful honest review! Toilet humour will never not be funny to me. I'm so happy that you love my product (mostly)

Twin share miracle

I had a recent weekend trip and twin sharing with a girlfriend, this product ends any embarrassing bathroom moments. So so good!


Such beautiful smells! It actually works! Thank you!

It works!!!

It works, it’s amazing!!

Excellent service and excellent products

No smell😀

This is an an amazing product.
It has saved me a lot of embarrassment
Thank you very much.

Pre poo toilet spray / lemon myrtle & blood orange

Excellent product!
As the card says 5 x sprays for a stink free departure.

Wonderfully natural smelling

The family bathroom is right next to our bedroom and smells have a tendency to waft. We tried the supermarket prepoo spray but they were very fake flower smelling and overpowering to the senses. Honestly the alternative was better 😬 To reduce the smell we designated the family bathroom as wee only and were forced to poo in the second toilet out near the laundry (which was very cold 🥶 especially in the early winter mornings). When I found NON, it was a game changer, our house now smells of soft natural scents with no hint of fake florals or last nights curry. This product has changed our house for the better, thanks NON.

WooHoo we love a happy ending! Thank you for the great review

A great product, love the purse size spray.

At last

Wonderful product. One of our household had tummy surgery a few years ago which lead to unpleasant toilet visits. This has helped hugely. Wish we knew about the product before. Couldn’t recommend it higher. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your review! I'm so happy you found us :)

Good stuff

Works well and does what it says it will!

Great product and service

Really happy with my purchase, smells great without that overpowering chemical perfume smell that the supermarket one has. I took one of those overseas and it leaked in my toiletyry bag…OMG…took ages to get rid of the smell. I’ll be taking yours next time for sure. The small travel bottles are a brilliant idea. I’ll definitely be a regular customer.

Thank you so much for your review. I've had a similar experience when travelling with liquids - I now always put any liquids in sandwich bags.

Great Product

It works!!
The combination of desert lime, mandarin and eucalyptus is great.

Starter Pack review

This stuff is amazing, if only I could teach my cat to use it! Seriously, the fragrance is fresh, natural and subtle and it really works! The starter kit is great value too, good for hundreds of poos!


I am working in a office area with the toilet15 meters away. I used to wanna barf for half my morning while a few dropped their kids of at the pool ….. NOW bliss, sweet sweet bliss. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH you’ve saved my life from a life a daily gag reflexing.

Great products - wonderful service

I love my Non products and have been using for ages. But had an issue with a courier’s non delivery. I contacted Non who immediately sent a replacement order which I received the following day. Best ever service. Thank you.

Could not live without this poo spray!

We use it not only for us but it works miracles when scooping the cat poo in the loo. Thank you for this wonderful product! We adore the fresh smell of Lemon Myrtle & blood orange so much.


I hate air fresheners, they make me feel nauseous but this product not only smells fabulous it doesn’t make me ill! Highly recommended!