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Customer Reviews

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It works

We have family staying with us at the moment, somewhat indefinitely, and this product is keeping me sane. I prefer the little 60ml spray bottles to the bigger ones, so getting the refill bottle as well provides great value.

Love Love Love

Love the products and the company! Very pleasant to communicate, when I have trouble with the spray bottle.

Travel size

Fantastic product. I have a few health issues and this saves a lot of embarrassment when travelling. Highly recommend

If you're considering buying this, do it.

It works! And it doesn't smell like awful, scented cleaning products like the supermarket sprays. Absolutely worth it.

It works

Definitely works well. Love the freebies which I have in my purse for just in case. Go ahead and buy!

My Poop Don’t Stank No More

What a revelation this product is! I used to use Aesop Poo Drops but it ain’t got nothing on NON pre poo spray. Removes the odor before it leaves the bowl so you won’t ever need to smell your own stank ever again! Plus it’s all natural ingredients, no toxins, cruelty free, ANNNND you are supporting a local Australia owned business.

Product works great!! I can’t recommend it enough!

This product is great and works really well. The toilet smells fresh after a big poo :)
We are currently on holidays with family and friends and it is a life saver 🫣. It works so well and I really like the fresh smell it produces. It’s almost like no poop was executed 😆
Also, the customer service is amazing! I had an issue with the spray bottle and was sent a replacement straight away. Do yourself a favor and try this product. You won’t regret it.

I'm really happy you love the product! Apologies that the trigger failed. Enjoy your holiday

Great product

Works well. I’m not a huge fan of the scent personally but definitely better than the alternative. Pump spray didn’t work but they sent out replacement straight away so I’m very happy with the customer service


This stuff is so so so so good. I love it. I am so sick of being grossed out by fart bots and stink bots in my house. This is actually a life changer. I’m sorry for anyone who thinks they are too precious or vulnerable not to use this. It’s great do not have to smell others’ stench.

poo spray

It smells nice and works well.


This stuff is fantastic! It actually works! Even friends & family come and comment on it and how fab it is. All our bathrooms have it!

Repeat buy and still loving it!

With a bottle in each bathroom and the all important guest bathroom, every one can poop with confidence in my home!

The best product EVER

It really works We take it away on holidays with us Can’t live without it

WooHoo! NON loves a holiday. Road trip, hotels, cruise, we're not fussy.... much :)


LOVE that there is a refill option for these sprays- although even better would be little pouches that could be returned/reused but still love the fresh scent & does the job covering up the stink..!

Thanks so much for the 5 star review Clara :) and thanks for the refill LOVE!
We looked into pouches as a refill option. Refill pouches are currently not recyclable due to the lining. Our refill bottles are 100% recyclable made from PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic (not virgin plastic) and manufactured in Australia from recycled and repurposed plastic collected from beaches, oceans, landfills, and recycling plants. At present the cost involved and the carbon footprint of return shipping of refill pouches is too expensive. In saying that we are always open to change when new and better products become available.

It broke 😩

I used the spray four times and it worked really well, but while in the cubicle, it fell out of my pocket, onto the floor and broke!😔 I really did leave the cubicle smelling very nice.

Oh Jude! What a bummer. Our travel sprays are sturdy but they are glass and if dropped on a hard surface they will likely break. Not all was lost, at least you left the cubicle smelling nice

Poo spray

I mainly brought it as my family is coming home for xmas.and we only have only one toilet.From the few times we have used it has left a very pleasant smell in the bathroom

Our product is perfect for when family come to visit. I'm really happy you love the smell.

Works well

Works well and smells nice. Spray bottles can sometimes be faulty.

Update: I was sent two replacement triggers which work perfectly. 5 stars for customer service!!

Kendra, we're so sorry about your spray bottle. Please get in touch with your order number and we'll send you a replacement. So glad you like the smell and efficacy though!

Locally made

I have bought a similar product from overseas for many years. Easy for travelling,
It is so good to have an Australian product
The fragrances are so refreshing
Thank you

No odour

Love your product will be ordering again

“You can’t tell because you can’t smell”

Sooooo we live in a small townhouse. And the bathroom door apparently isnt fully sealed because there are some wafting telltale signs that we are having our ‘quiet time’ in the bathroom haha. It feels a bit unpleasant and it sucks.
The first day we got our spray, my husband (who didn’t want to bother buying the product) fully walked in on me doing my business, he had no idea and couldn’t tell that I was in there. I laughed out loud “you can’t tell because you can’t smell!” and proceeded to giggle at myself for my awesome one liner.

He sprays every day now too.

Thanks for making our household feel nicer :)

You give a good review; you're funny and stink-free. #triplethreat

Clean house

This is the most amazing product . I tell everyone . Never expected it to work but I will never not have a bottle in the toilets .

Thank you Annette! We love that you love our product

Travel pre poo toilet spray 2pack

Great Product

Excellent product. Would highly recommend for use by Ostimates