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pre poo toilet spray / Starter Pack / desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus

Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

"Smells Great"
Has solved the problem of smells from an ensuite bathroom entering the bedroom! Thank you so much!

"Stops offensive smells escaping your toilet so you can leave the bathroom with confidence."

Spray NON pre poo toilet spray BEFORE  you go, and odours are trapped below the water surface. Never to escape.

NON pre poo toilet spray stops offensive smells from escaping your toilet, so you can poo with confidence and leave the bathroom knowing that no odours will follow you. Just our blend of Australian bush botanicals and the sweet smell of knowing your home is stink-free without using toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Eucalyptus is the reigning Queen of all things clean, fresh, anti-bacterial, and fabulous smelling. She is powerful enough to work her magic solo, but we've mixed it up and added mandarin for some juicy citrus notes and Australian desert lime for a generous dose of tangy goodness. Together this trio of scents work hard to eradicate the rowdiest bathroom odours!

How long will the starter pack last? 125ml + 250ml refill will last for approximately 350 uses (poos).

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Works very well!

Why inhale poo fumes when you don’t have to?? Its as simple as that! Also, this product worked great when we were on a small yacht with other people, those marine toilets don’t have the best ventilation so this product was very useful for pleasant co-living

Danielle McEwan

Love, love love this product! Couldn’t be happier and all the staff are too as work bathrooms always smell sweet! BRAVO NON! x

Jane Soulsby
Life changing

Seriously, it really is. The embarrassment of using a friend or family’s toilet without this can be overwhelming. This product means I’m far less anxious when visiting. I’ve had gastrointestinal surgery that magnified the problem.
It truly is a game changer.

Kerry Woolridge

It works

Ravit Danieli-Vlandis
Product works great!! I can’t recommend it enough!

This product is great and works really well. The toilet smells fresh after a big poo :)
We are currently on holidays with family and friends and it is a life saver 🫣. It works so well and I really like the fresh smell it produces. It’s almost like no poop was executed 😆
Also, the customer service is amazing! I had an issue with the spray bottle and was sent a replacement straight away. Do yourself a favor and try this product. You won’t regret it.

I'm really happy you love the product! Apologies that the trigger failed. Enjoy your holiday