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About NON

Hi, I'm Jacqui, founder of NON products.

NON is an Australian company making products for modern living. Our launch product is a pre poo toilet spray.

Why a "pre poo" toilet spray, you ask 🤔

Regular air fresheners are ineffective, and their fake smell is worse than the offending odour you're trying to cover up. Like many people, I'm hypersensitive to synthetic (fake) fragrances, and poo smells make me gag.

So in the interest of better relationships (my husband's survival), I developed a non-toxic toilet spray, free from synthetic fragrance, formulated using potent plant-based ingredients and Australian bush botanicals rich in anti-bacterial properties and clean scents.

By spraying "before" you go, odours are trapped below the water surface, eliminating offensive smells before they begin - before they can escape. Bloody genius, really.

I can't lay claim to all the smarts behind this product. My ever-patient chemist, Joanne, is the real hero. Her knowledge in all things nature and chemistry are why she gets paid the big bucks and why we all benefit from a truly exceptional product.

I genuinely hope that NON pre poo toilet spray becomes a staple in your bathroom like it has mine.

Jacqui x
founder + owner