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About NON

Hi, I'm Jacqui, founder of NON products.


NON is an Australian company making products for modern living.

Our launch product is a pre poo toilet spray. Spraying "before" you go traps odours below the water surface, eliminating smells before they begin - bloody genius.


Why a pre poo toilet spray you ask🤔


Regular air fresheners are not only ineffective, they also make me unwell. "Synthetic fragrance is the new second-hand smoke"

I have a strong gag reflex when it comes to pungent smells, and I'm also hypersensitive to synthetic fragrances. 


Hello NON pre poo toilet spray.


Our Sprays are non-toxic, synthetic fragrance-free, formulated using potent plant-based ingredients and Australian bush botanicals, rich in anti-bacterial properties and clean scents.

I can't lay claim to all the genius behind this exceptional product. My ever-patient chemist, Joanne, is the real hero. Her knowledge in all things natural and chemistry is why she gets paid the big bucks.


I genuinely hope that NON pre poo toilet spray becomes a staple in your bathroom like it has mine.


Jacqui x

founder + owner