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Communal Work Bathroom

"So, we have communal work bathrooms. Who’s modern friggin idea was that. And for some reason, all the men wait to do their daily dumps at work. Seriously. THANK YOU NON... The rest of us can now use the work bathroom after their morning dump session."


This Little Spray Is Incredibly Effective

"This little spray is incredible effective and has instantly become an everyday essential in our household. Forget about rocket travel and Google home, the pre-poo spray has to be the innovation of the year for our family."


Cannot Live Without This Product

"I cannot live without this product. Who knew! And now that it comes with a pocket travel spray it's so convenient - but I hate it if I am left without it or people don't have it in their homes. Get it, everyone! You MUST have this in your bathroom, if only for guests!"


I Bought This As A Joke... Jokes On Me!

"I bought this as a present for my husband last Father's Day. I thought it would be a bit of a joke. Jokes on me! We love this spray in our household. Won't poo without it. The kids are always yelling out to my husband "don't forget to spray."