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Starter Pack / pre poo toilet spray / lemon myrtle & blood orange

Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

"A breath of fresh air in a shared family bathroom!"
"So lovely to walk in after my son for a change. I can’t recommend this product enough! The service is great, amazing communication. Beautiful products!"

Never suffer the stench of another. Say farewell to bad smells escaping your bathroom. By spraying BEFORE you go, NON pre poo toilet spray creates a barrier trapping odours below the water surface, stopping the stink before it begins.

With our easy-to-use trigger spray, even the most resistant user (we're looking at you, boys) will enjoy spraying before they go. There'll be no more bad smells, just a natural blend of Australian bush botanicals and the sweet smell of knowing your home is stink-free without using toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom smells and leave the bathroom with confidence. 

What's in the starter pack?
1 x 125ml
1 x 250ml refill

How long will this bundle last?
Our 125ml bottle is good for approximately 125 uses (poos), then simply refill from your 250ml bottle and continue to enjoy for another 250 stink-free sessions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great product

Really lovely fresh smell- nice to use in other rooms in the house too

Lucy. K
Natural smell

I’ve tried other brands of this type of product and none work as well or smell as good as NON.

A blessing in so many ways ☺️

It’s a great product as not only does it do what’s it’s meant to as long as you follow the instructions, there is no more residue or chemicals floating in the air when you visit the toilet. As a bonus, the dust does not build up on the lid and other surfaces in the toilet as it did before. Definitely going to order again.

We're so happy you love our product. Thank you for the great review

Kirsty Davis
A breath of fresh air in a family shared bathroom!

So lovely to walk in after the my son for a change.

I can’t recommend this product night enough!

The service is great, amazing communication. Beautiful products!

Aaaawww shucks Thanks for such a great review.

Fiona Whittaker-Smith
Your poo could smell good too

This product is amazing ! It’s like you are pooing out a spring garden ! All that is missing is the birds tweeting 😃