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Pre poo toilet spray / 125ml trigger / lemon myrtle & blood orange

Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

"Natural scent."  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
"I’d tried a couple of other brands of the same type of product before and NON is the best by far. The scent is not fake smelling. I tried the smaller sample bottles and went on to buy a full size.

"Stops offensive smells escaping your toilet so you can leave the bathroom with confidence."

NON pre poo toilet spray eliminates offensive toilet smells before they begin. By spraying BEFORE you go odours are trapped below the water surface, never to escape.

Our blend of Australian bush botanicals and potent plant-based ingredients guarantees a stink-free departure from the bathroom.

Our 125ml will last for approximately 150 uses (poos).

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Orange burst

Quality spray bottle that actually works unlike other brands. Nice scent, would like more choice. Love the travel/handbag spray bottle.

Thanks so much for your review We're not far off launching another scent - and we're super excited. It's a good one.

No more icky smells

This is a great product that is easy to use and eliminates nasty odours

So glad I discovered this

It’s a great product as not only does it do what’s it’s meant to as long as you follow the instructions, there is no more residue or chemicals floating in the air when you visit the toilet. As a bonus, the dust does not build up on the lid and other surfaces in the toilet as it did before. Definitely going to order again.
The smell is amazing without being overpowering.

It works!

I currently have a house full of animals and there is a litter tray in the loo. Can’t shut the door. So damn happy we have this! The house may have animal smells, but the human smell is under control!

It really works!

This spray is amazing! We have never used a pre-poo spray before and my family are yet to get into the ha it, but I’m convinced! It really works! And the toilet’s not left with an overwhelming, toilet spray bouquet type aroma!!
It is a delicate and subtle fragrance - but no stinky smells!! Yippee!!