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    Home Bundle / desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus / pre poo toilet spray

    Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

    Sally.B.🇦🇺 Australia   
    "Forever will NON be in my toilet" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    "My toilet will not be without NON. Never again will I suffer the stench of another. My sh!t truly doesn't stink anymore."

    "Stops offensive smells escaping your toilet so you can leave the bathroom with confidence."

    Effectively eliminate unpleasant odours without resorting to harsh chemicals. With NON pre poo toilet spray you can say goodbye to offensive smells and leave the bathroom with confidence.

    Perfect for:
    > Home
    > Gym
    > Travel
    > Preventing odour-induced domestic disputes

    With our blend of Australian bush botanicals and potent plant-based ingredients, you can say goodbye to unpleasant odours and hello to the sweet smell of knowing your home is stink-free without using toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

    Eucalyptus is the reigning Queen of all things clean, fresh, anti-bacterial, and fabulous smelling. She is powerful enough to work her magic solo, but we've mixed it up and added mandarin for some juicy citrus notes and Australian desert lime for a generous dose of tangy goodness. Together this trio of scents work hard to eradicate the rowdiest bathroom odours!

    What's in the bundle?
    1 x 125ml desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus
    1 x 250ml Refill desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus
    2 x 60ml desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews

    Product smells great & works well
    Refill bottle too small for purpose
    Smaller spray bottle constantly gets stuck after spraying

    Hi Lotte,
    Thanks so much for your review. The 250ml refill bottle is intended for refilling your 10ml, 60ml & 125ml. We understand that some people like a larger refill bottle - we'll take this onboard. I'm sorry to hear that the nozzles are getting stuck. We'll email you and supply replacement nozzles.


    Great product though the smaller bottle looses pressure on pumping the lid after some time making use difficult. Smell eradication is great relief

    Awesome product!

    Frequent trips to the toilet due to IBS. Absolutely no smells left behind. It has given me confidence using the loos outside of the home.

    Sophia K
    Great, tox free deodoriser

    We bought this as we didn't want to use the regular products around which have very strong scents and seem rather toxic.
    I know we use a little more of this but the gentle fragrance is worth it.

    Megan Hicks
    Home Bundle

    Very disappointed. Has no fragrance at all and does not work.

    Hi Megan, I'm really sorry that you're not happy with our product. As per our guarantee, 'if you're not completely happy, we'll refund you 100%'