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Ultimate Home Bundle / lemon myrtle & blood orange / pre poo toilet spray

Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

Kirsty.D.🇦🇺 Australia   
"A breath of fresh air in the shared family bathroom" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
So lovely to walk in after the my son for a change. I can’t recommend this product enough! The service is great, amazing communication. Beautiful products!

"Stops offensive smells escaping your toilet so you can leave the bathroom with confidence."

Our ultimate home bundle keeps your bathroom stocked with pre poo toilet spray, so everyone can enjoy using the bathroom in a stink-free environment.

Australian made non-toxic pre poo toilet spray. Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom smells, and leave the bathroom smelling better than when you entered. 

Lemon myrtle is one of nature’s cleanest and freshest aromas. It packs a delightfully zesty punch and zaps bacteria into oblivion at the same time. We’ve blended it with blood orange because, well, hello, blood orange. It smells delish, and together with its zesty mate, Australian Lemon Myrtle delivers a powerhouse of odour-eliminating citrusy goodness.

What's in the bundle?
1 x 125ml lemon myrtle and blood orange
1 x 250ml Refill lemon myrtle and blood orange
2 x 60ml lemon myrtle and blood orange

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Angela Aldridge

Fabulous product, I have purchased a pack for everyone in the family for Christmas LOL, no more stinky toilets in our homes!

Could not live without this poo spray!

We use it not only for us but it works miracles when scooping the cat poo in the loo. Thank you for this wonderful product! We adore the fresh smell of Lemon Myrtle & blood orange so much.