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Ultimate Workplace Bundle

Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

Keeping toilets smelling fresh in the workplace is an essential part of doing your business.

Australian made non-toxic pre-poo toilet spray. Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom smells, and leave the bathroom smelling better than when you entered. 

What's in the bundle? A 15% saving, and;
1 x 125ml lemon myrtle and blood orange
1 x 125ml desert lime, mandarin and eucalyptus
1 x 250ml refill lemon myrtle and blood orange
1 x 250ml refill desert lime, mandarin and eucalyptus

Customer Reviews

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Workplace 💩 smell

We use these products in our workplace and they are brilliant. There is noting worst than having to use the loo after someone who has done a 💩 at work, but these products change that experience entirely (except for the warm toilet seat).

Thank you for the great review. There's nothing worse than a workplace poo. :)