Secret Santa Pack

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Secret Santa Pack


With our Secret Santa gift pack, there's
"No need for wrapping 🙅🏼‍♀️🎁
just "write name here."
pop it under the tree
sit back and take credit
for the gift of the year."

Dear Aunt Celia
Be like Rudolf
Spritz the bowl
before you go
Then you can
Blitzen and shitzen
And Prancer and Vixen
will never know!
Ho Ho Ho, from Secret Santa.

1 x 60ML Australian lemon myrtle & blood orange
1 x 60ML Australian desert lime mandarin & eucalyptus

*Use a permanent marker / Sharpie to write recipients name on the package. ✍🏼

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Pre Poo Procedure
Spray 5 pumps of NON pre poo toilet spray onto the surface of the toilet water before you go; our unique formula creates a barrier, trapping the odours below the water surface.
1. Shake well
2. Spray onto the surface of the toilet water before you go
3. Proceed with reckless abandon
4. If required give a quick spray after you flush
5. Leave the bathroom with confidence. Walk, don’t run™

Benefits of Use Your sh*t won’t stink.

    Peace of mind, that’s what! Our blend of Australian essential oils, extracts and potent plant-based compounds. Made with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients. NO synthetic fragrances, NO parabens, NO phthalates, NO PEGS, SLS free, Cruelty-free and NO animal by-products.


    CAUTION For external use only; keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact.
    Do not ingest. Our NON pre poo toilet spray formulas have a high concentrate of natural essential oils. Some essential oils are photosensitive. If NON pre poo toilet spray comes in to contact with your skin, rinse it off. Store in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.