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pre poo toilet spray travel pack

Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

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Justine R. 🇦🇺Australia 
"I love this stuff." ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"In the plane, at home, at work - the pocket spray is super handy. Love the new bottle design too. Stylish stink eraser."

Our pocket-sized poo-slayer is the perfect wingman. Discreet and effective. The ideal size to pop in your pocket or your handbag. You'll never get caught out at work, on a plane, or at your partner's place.

Say goodbye to embarrassing toilet smells, and leave the bathroom smelling better than when you entered. Spray before you go, and our natural blend of Australian essential oils and potent plant-based ingredients trap odours in the bowl, stopping the stink before it begins—bloody genius.

Our 2pack will last for approximately 15 uses (poos) each bottle.

1 x 10ml Lemon myrtle & blood orange

1 x 10ml Desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Product awesome but travel sizes leak

I use the product at home with awesome success. We love it.

I do need to find a subtle way to educate our guests on when/how to use it. I think a few cute little signs to go above the throne would be a great addition to your range of products! A little thought bubble in the same colour range as each scent with a witty little direction perhaps?

Unfortunately I can't use my two travel size versions as they leak. Perhaps I have an older version of the product and it has since improved as I only see one other person with the same issues that I have.

Thanks so much for your review, Sarah! I'm bummed that your travel pack has leaked. I've sent you an email. I think you might have the old glass 10ml. Either way - let me know and I'll have a replacement sent. ☺️

Great Product

Good discrete product, and essential for travel. Love the travel size

Worth the purchase

Love the NON pre poo products. Totally masks any odours. I actually keep the larger spray bottle in my bag and when at work I carry the travel bottle in my pocket.

Instant relief

I suffer from a cranky gut after losing my gallbladder and having ongoing pancreas issues. Combined with a chronic phobia of public toilets and its a recipe for disaster. But with NON I tentatively used it the other day in a situation I would have rather left and gone home. I was SO relieved, figuratively and literally! No odor, no embarrassment and my day with my friends continued. Thank you, will be ordering more. Truly a blessing for those with medical conditions.

Amazing! We love these reviews.
Thank you.

Great Product & service

Best toilet spray I've ever used. And the service was fantastic. I made a mistake on my order and Jacqui replied quickly and was very helpful. I'll be ordering again.