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Pre poo toilet spray / 125ml trigger / desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus

Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

 Camilla H.🇦🇺 Australia   
"Poo-tastic!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"Once you remember you need to spray BEFORE you sit down, you'll never look back....Say NON to stinky toilets forever!"  

Australian made, non-toxic pre-poo toilet spray. Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom smells, and leave the bathroom smelling better than when you entered. Spray the surface of the toilet water before you go, and our natural blend of essential oils and potent plant-based ingredients trap the odours in the bowl. Stopping the stink before it begins. Bloody Genius.

Our 125ML bottle is good for approximately 150 uses. That’s roughly 5 months supply if you’re pooping once a day and following the recommended sprays, but given we all have different levels of poo paranoia - we'll call it 4.5 months; Let's be honest, we’re all prone to a post-poo panic spray.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
very thankful

I have IBS and live in a shared home. I'm very thankful I discovered this product.

Genea Merrigan

Was amazing the first few poos until the bottle didn’t spray anymore. So now I just tip it in the bowl. The travel ones are amazing. Love love love.

Carol Vincent
Great smelling Poos 👍

Love the smell .... truly does work.. all natural... no stinkies !

Pleasantly surprised.

I really had my doubts when reading the claims of this product but ordered it anyway. So pleased I did. Works exactly as they promise. Highly recommend.

Danielle McEwan
Best product & service EVER

We absolutely LOVE this product and the service is exceptional. We can’t recommend it more highly to rid the stink from the loo!! We would give it 20 stars if we could.

Aaaaawww, thank you! Shower me in stars. I respond well to positive reinforcement ☺️