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    desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus 60ml

    Where To Use Pre Poo Spray

    "Wonderful product"  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 

    "One of our household had tummy surgery a few years ago which lead to unpleasant toilet visits. This has helped hugely. Couldn’t recommend it higher."

    "Stops offensive smells escaping your toilet so you can leave the bathroom with confidence."

    Spray before you go, and our blend of Australian bush botanicals and potent plant-based ingredients will trap odours below the water's surface, stopping the stink before it begins. So you can leave the bathroom knowing your home is stink-free without using toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

    Perfect for:
    > Work
    > Travel
    > Gym
    > Preventing odour-induced domestic disputes

    Eucalyptus is the reigning Queen of all things clean, fresh, anti-bacterial, and fabulous smelling. She is powerful enough to work her magic solo, but we've mixed it up and have added mandarin for some juicy citrus notes and Australian desert lime for a generous dose of tangy goodness. Together this trio of scents work hard to eradicate the rowdiest bathroom odours!

    Our 60ml will last for approximately 75 uses (poos).

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews
      amazed by this product

      this is the answer to all your toilet smells! this works amazingly and smells just beautiful. so happy with this product and will be recommending to people i know.

      Spray away

      This product is so so effective, no nasty odours after using the loo!

      Great product and service

      Really happy with my purchase, smells great without that overpowering chemical perfume smell that the supermarket one has. I took one of those overseas and it leaked in my toiletyry bag…OMG…took ages to get rid of the smell. I’ll be taking yours next time for sure. The small travel bottles are a brilliant idea. I’ll definitely be a regular customer.

      Thank you so much for your review. I've had a similar experience when travelling with liquids - I now always put any liquids in sandwich bags.

      Elizabeth Doley
      Great products - wonderful service

      I love my Non products and have been using for ages. But had an issue with a courier’s non delivery. I contacted Non who immediately sent a replacement order which I received the following day. Best ever service. Thank you.

      It was okay

      The reviews looked amazing but with a house hold of grown men this wasn’t any better than other products that I’ve tried. Considering the price I won’t be buying these again

      Hi Kel,
      We're really sorry to hear about your experience. Are the 'grown men' following the directions? From our experience with men, they need the full 5 sprays and sometimes a quick spray in the bowl while flushing to ensure the smell from their gassy bums is taken care of too!