NON is an Australian company making products for modern living. Our launch product is a natural, plant-based "pre poo" toilet spray.

Why a pre poo spray?
No one likes the smell of poo, and no one likes the smell of toxic aerosol sprays that are commonly used post-poo, which only create a poo-fog 💩💨 for the next occupant. So I set about creating a natural, non-toxic, non-aerosol alternative, one that works by spraying the surface of the toilet water before you go; thereby creating a barrier, trapping odours in the bowl, and stopping the stink before it begins. Bloody genius, I reckon.

I knew from years of creating my own natural essential oil cleaning products that our Australian botanicals not only smell delish they also possess powerful odour eliminating and antibacterial properties. Combine this with potent plant-based ingredients, and we've developed one very effective natural toilet spray. So with my first product NON pre poo spray, I know I’m not saving lives but neither did Sara Blakely when she invented Spanx, and aren’t we all forever indebted to her. 🙌🏽

“I’m a sucker for packaging and have bought my fair share of hand-poured soy wax candles with lovely labels, smelling of meadow’s I’ll never roll in. I have lain awake at night thinking why didn’t I make a lovely candle, with a lovely label?  But I didn’t, I made a pre-poo spray. And let me tell you, there's nothing sexy about a pre-poo spray when you’re lying awake at 3:00 am! But hey, natural is sexy, plant-based is sexy and saying your shit don’t stink - #sexy.

I genuinely hope that NON products pre poo toilet spray becomes a staple in your bathroom like it has mine.

Jacqui x