NON is an Australian company making products for modern living. Our launch product NON pre poo toilet spray is a natural, plant-based odour eliminator. A product that will change your bathroom experience, and the experience of everybody who enters the bathroom after you.

NON products were founded by Sydney based stills advertising producer Jacqui Afflick. Jacqui has spent the past 20 years producing some of Australia's largest advertising campaigns for global brands.

“I’m a sucker for packaging and have bought my fair share of hand-poured soy wax candles with lovely labels, smelling of meadow’s I’ll never roll in. I have lain awake at night thinking why didn’t I make a lovely candle, with a lovely label. But I didn’t, I made a pre poo spray. And let me tell you, there is nothing sexy about a pre poo spray when you’re lying awake at 3:00 am! But hey, natural is sexy, plant-based is sexy and saying your shit don’t stink - #sexy If you’re lying awake at 3:00 am and want to read how I decided to launch a pre poo spray, below is the birth of NON pre poo spray, in all it’s not so sexy glory.”

We all have our quirks, things our friends laugh at, I have two. Both make me gag - sharing dairy and bathroom smells. My sharing dairy issue I can trace back to when as a small child, the walk home from the beach was always accompanied by an ice-cream from the Mr Whippy truck. That massive white twirl of *pig fat heaven. Inevitably the ice-cream would run down my arm and without fail, an adult hand would swoop in and lick up the dripping ice-cream from the cone... GAG. 

Bathroom smells – well there is no one defining moment. It just seems that I have way too many poo stories in my repertoire. And then along came kids and all you do is clean up poo, wee, spew and invariably somehow, other kids poo... GAG.

I started “breaking bad” with essential oil formulas when my daughter and nephews were toilet training. I seemed to be spraying anything and everything because she (and them) seemed intent on leaving their mark everywhere. I didn’t want to buy commercially made cleaning products because a) they were full of toxic crap and I was spraying this stuff daily, and b) I really needed to mask the smell of all things toilet training, as well as clean and disinfect my lounge, bed and every other soft furnishing my daughter was peeing on. 

The Man Poo
How is it that something so small can produce something so large?
aka The Man-Poo.
It was quite by accident that I discovered my natural sprays also doubled as an odour eliminator. I have my young nephews to thank for their ever faithful resistance to flushing and their inability to pee in the bowl.
This led me to spray my sprays in my toilet bowl and surrounds (read up the walls because yes that’s where they’d pee) before and after they went to the toilet, essentially whenever they came to visit. Bingo, Man-Poo moment, and no smell post poop. I knew I was onto something. 

It wasn’t until I was at home sick, and my husband had his morning movement, and I was incensed that he would do this knowing I was unwell. (we only have one bathroom.) He said, amongst other things… “while you’re lying around on the lounge “sick” why don’t you consider making more of your “poo spray” and then I wouldn’t have to offend your senses.” 

Aaaaaaand, as they say, the rest is history. So, with my first product NON pre poo spray, I know I’m not saving lives but neither did Sara Blakely when she invented Spanx, and aren’t we all forever indebted to her. Amen. 

 *I can’t say for certain if the ice-cream at Mr Whippy is made from pig’s fat, but I’ve said it often enough to my daughter that I now somehow believe it to be true.