pocket pre poo toilet spray 2pack

$16.00 $17.00
4 reviews
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pocket pre poo toilet spray 2pack

$16.00 $17.00
4 reviews

If one is good two is better.
Our 10ML pre-poo toilet spray are good for 15 uses each.
Refill at home with your 60ML or 125ML bottle of NON products pre poo toilet spray.

2pack pocket pre poo toilet spray includes;
1 x 10ml Australian Lemon Myrtle & Blood Orange
1 x 10ml Australian desert lime, mandarin & eucalyptus

Your pocket pre-poo spray is the perfect wingman. Discreet and effective.
No one will ever know you just dropped the kids off at the pool. Always be prepared, have one in your pocket, purse or best mates pencil case.

Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom smells, and leave the bathroom smelling better than when you entered. Spray the surface of the toilet water before you go, and our natural blend of essential oils and potent plant-based ingredients trap the odours in the bowl. Stopping the stink before it begins. Bloody Genius.

Leave the bathroom with confidence.
Walk, don't run.™
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Pre Poo Procedure
Spray 5 pumps of NON pre poo toilet spray onto the surface of the toilet water before you go; our natural blend of essential oils creates a barrier, trapping the odours below the water surface.
1. Shake well
2. Spray onto the surface of the toilet water before you go
3. Proceed with reckless abandon
4. If required give the bowl and surrounds a quick spray after you flush
5. Leave the bathroom with confidence. Walk, don’t run™

Benefits of Use Your shiz won’t stink… For realz.

    Peace of mind, that’s what! Our blend of natural essential oils, extracts and potent plant-based compounds. Made with non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients. NO alcohols, NO synthetic fragrances, NO parabens, NO aerosols, NO phthalates, NO PEGS, SLS free, Cruelty-free and NO animal by-products.


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    Australia Australia
    Always carry these in your handbag ..

    I love these little delicate bottle sprays with me all the time, in my handbags . Brilliant marketing strategy! To go with such a sweet and lovely non toxic spray .

    Australia Australia
    It works

    Good product but the packaging needs work. Have already dropped and broken one and the kid flies off.

    NON products

    Great that you love the product! Bummer about the breakage. We used to have our 10ml in single use plastic bottles, and made the change to the frosted glass and aluminium for better recycling. With the lid - if you squeeze it gently before putting it back on you'll get a better seal. Thanks for taking the time to send feedback, we're always looking to improve where we can. :)

    Australia Australia
    It really does allow you to walk, not run.

    Working in a school with limited cubicle toilets and designated times to go to the toilet due to class times, it can be difficult to do your business discreetly without being noticed. And for some reason, we live in a world where it is frowned upon for doing a #2 in public toilets and people expect you to save it for when you get home - even though it's a natural human bodily function that you cannot control. When you gotta go, you should go. You should never save that sh*t. NON is a total game-changer for this. It allows you to leave the cubicle smelling better than when you entered it, and sure people will probably know what you've done because of this, but who cares! The small bottle fits perfectly in your pocket and you truly can walk out of there with confidence, no matter what your sh*tuation may have been. The scent is actually amazing! It's so light and fresh you'll actually want to spray it around your room - but probably best if you don't do that. Actually, NON., can you guys please develop room sprays? My classroom would thank you for it. You could call it a "pre-student room spray". To anyone reading this: Do yourself (and everyone around you) a favour and buy this product. You won't regret it (unless you don't buy enough).

    NON products

    WooHoo we love your review. Thank you. Room Sprays! Yes. We are listening to all the feedback - new products are in development x

    A NON products Customer
    Justine R.
    Australia Australia
    Handy Andy!

    I love this stuff. In the plane, at home, at work - the pocket spray in super handy. Love the new bottle design too. Stylish stink eraser

    CAUTION For external use only; keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact.
    Do not ingest. Our NON pre poo toilet spray formulas have a high concentrate of natural essential oils. Some essential oils are photosensitive. If NON pre poo toilet spray formula comes in to contact with your skin, rinse it off. Store in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.