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Poo Easy 7 healthy toilet habits

POO EASY 7 Healthy toilet habits

A good poo can take you into an almost meditative state. But what if you’ve developed all types of nasty habits, and want to work your way back to the premium poop du jour? We’ve compiled 7 healthy poo habits that will have you cleansed and not namasting too long on the loo.

What’s the bottom line?

  1. Loosen up: There’s a fine art to the perfect poo and it involves a healthy diet. One of the best habits to develop for a premium poo is ensuring you drink enough water. We know everyone’s banging on about it - but drinking water will get you on the fast-track to a healthy poo. Being constipated is quite literally, a pain in the butt, but if you drink plenty of water - you can help regulate your pooing regime (plus a side perk is: it helps make your skin look better.)
  2. Poop up the jam:  Move your body regular to move your bowel regularly. Any physical activity is good - even as little as 15 minutes a day. It helps move your intestine, which helps create beautiful poos.
    "I agree whole-heartedly with this tit-bit. When my daughter was a baby, to release wind – and poop - we did bicycle legs on her. You can probs do this yourself – especially if you have wind – it’s cute and celebratory when a baby lets rip. Not so much when a grown human tears themself a new one."
    poop and exercise
  3. When you’ve gotta go, you gotta go: No really, you do. You should.There’s a mind-body connection between pooing, so mindful poos are the start to a great (bowel) movement. It’s recommended to try to poo at the same time every day - circadian rhythms - we hear you. When you feel the urge to go, you should. If you hold on too long you can become constipated, and the poo becomes drier and harder (look toilet talk isn’t always this glamorous). An occasional delay to pooping is fine, but doctors recommend avoiding this past-time too often. If you’ve got to hold on - we recommend avoiding squats. Just saying.
    "We’re talking to you every poo hanger-on-era; at work, at ya boyfriends, at ya in-laws for dinner – this is where our 10ml pocket pre poo toilet spray  is your secret-saviour. That mini-miracle is discreet and effective. Get it in your pocket! Or get dry hard poo"🤷🏼‍
  4. Hold the line: Do not poo and scroll. We repeat: do not poo and scroll. Not only is it unhygienic and it’s likely faecal matter is now on your beloved phone, it can increase the likelihood of haemorrhoids, and it can ensure pre-existing haemorrhoids become worse. Being entertained by influencers while you’re seated on the porcelain throne can make you sit longer which puts pressure on your pipelines. Make your toilet time phone-free.

    "On a personal note – this is my least favourite of the 7. We’re all adults, if you want to shit ‘n scroll – no judgment – just a pressurised pipeline. Apparently."
    poop n scroll

  5. Rhythm of the night: You already know sleep affects mood, energy and immunity. But did you know if your circadian rhythms are out of whack, it’s likely you might be a little backed up. Our bodies are attuned to a natural day-night cycle. Those who work shift, or irregular day/night patterns may experience a disturbance in their circadian rhythms, meaning their poo time has been compromised. Studies also show that if you’re sleep-poor, you could potentially make poor food choices (read: high sugar, low fibre to try and boost your energy levels). Aim for 7-8 hours a night. Apologies this one feels really preachy, if you’re anything like me 6hrs straight sleep.
  6. You can make friends with salad: Look - your mum was right, you should eat all your greens. Not just to avoid waste, but to make waste. See what we did there? Fibre is your friend. In short, eating fibre gives your poo some substance (hello Hulk Hogan!) and stimulates your bowel to move - thus propelling your poo out. No, problem, you’re very welcome for that visual. If you’re really in a jam, try: prunes, pears, apples, leafy greens, sweet potatoes.
  7. Is this my best angle? If you’re struggling to poo change the angle of your legs. A footstool in the bathroom can be one of your best investments. Don’t have a footstool? Position your knees a little higher than the toilet seat and let it flow. 

Everyone’s poo regime is different (two to three times per day or even per week can be deemed normal) - but what we’re all aiming for is a regular cycle, a defined shape to your poo (is it..Poo-casso?), and a healthy colour - we’d recommend Pantone 448-C. A mindful poo is a healthy poo: water, fibre, exercise (ever tried poolates?) and a different position can be all you need to maintaining optimum poos and have you dropping the kids off at the pool.