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I am not a Virgin - PCR Plastic

"I am not a virgin."

While our 250ml refill bottles are new and fresh, they ain't no virgin. The new 250ml pre poo toilet spray refill is made from PCR or post-consumer recycled plastic. Manufactured from recycled and repurposed plastic collected from beaches, oceans, land and recycling plants. ♻️🐢💚

NON products will be phasing in the use of PCR packaging for all our products in 2022. Our manufacturers here in Sydney and Melbourne have both implemented the manufacturing of PCR.

At NON products, we're always open to new technologies that help us help the planet. If you want to share any advancements in packaging that we might not be aware of; please email us at

"If you recycle plastic rather than make it from oil, it saves about one tonne of CO2 for each tonne of plastic that's recycled." according to sustainability expert Marcus Gover. And that sounds pretty good to us.